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As one of the world’s leading online job boards for the aviation industry and the team behind  is your competent partner in recruiting aviation professionals. We help you find qualified employees. All aviation employees. We are an aviation recruitment agency based in Europe and has the industry expertise to ensure your company have the right and professional people, whenever you need them. 

Full recruitment service pacckage


- Flight and Cabin Crew 
- Aviation Maintenance (MRO Facilities);
- Passenger Airliens
- Cargo Airlines;
- Airport Jobs;
- Ground Handling and Service Jobs
- Executive Jobs for the aviation industry
Exclusive Agreement 
The collaboration on an exclusive agreement provides us the best chance to successfully find an appropriate candidate for your job opening. Aviation-Job.EU is committed to continue searching until a successful placement, in which we ask for the first three months of exclusivity. In return, we calculate an attractive rate, which is lower than our standard rate based on a no cure no pay principle. 

Our Recruitment Fees

Agreement Type

Fee (based on annual gross salary)

Exclusive Agreement

(billing in 2 steps)

International  - 25%


Step 1 - 50% of fee, the Applicant has been accepted by the Client

Step 2 - 50% of fee, the Applicant signed contract and worked 3 month (12 weeks)


(exclusive agreement only)

Applicant leaves within 1 month (4 weeks) -  a full refund will be provided.

100% refund

Applicant leaves within 2- 3 month (week 5  - 12) – step 2 will NOT be invoiced.

50% refund

CV – Referral


ground handling and serrvice jobs 1000€

(This fee applies only to a successful placement)


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Terms and Conditions of Business
For more information please download our Terms and Conditions of Business for aviation recruitment here
Aviation-Job.EU - Terms and Conditions of Business - Aviation Recruitment (PDF)