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As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe and paralyzes aviation industry worldwide, Aviation-Job.EU is committed to help you and your aviation businesses to navigate through this difficult period. We're trying to help the aviation industry avoid paying exorbitant fees just to find employees that are looking for work.
In a sense, we're trying to optimize the aviation hiring process by making it affordable for even the smallest of aviation start-ups and free of charge for all the jobseekers.

Therefore, job posting on Aviation-Job.EU is free of charge until further notice.

Best regards,
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Aviation Job Posting 

Dear Recruiter,

To post a new job you just need to sign up on our website. When signing up you have the option to select: "Recruiter" (an employer) or a "Job Agency". If you wish to post a job on behalf of other company please sign up as a “Job Agency”.  

After completion of the initial registration form, you will receive 30 free credits (value €300). You will be able to post 6 Standard Jobs or 1 Featured Job (moving banner on the front page and always visible on every page). If desired, you may split your free credits and post 1 Featured Job and 2 Standard Jobs. If you are satisfied about our service you may always purchase additional credits to publish more aviation jobs. 

  • € 0
  • Job expire period 90 days
  • CV Search access
  • Company Logo
  • 30 Free Credits
  • Sign Up
  • € 50
  • Job expire period 90 days
  • CV Search access
  • Company Logo
  • Price: 5 Credits
  • Sign Up
  • € 200
  • Job expire period 90 days
  • CV Search access
  • Company Logo
  • Price: 20 Credits
  • Sign Up

NOTE: Buying 1 Featured Job will add 10 complimentary credits into your account, so you will be able to post 2 Standard Jobs free of charge. If you decide to buy 2 Featured Jobs, we will add 20 complimentary credits into your account, so it will give you the opportunity to post 1 Featured Job or 4  Standard Jobs for free.


All our job packages includes:

- Job expire period 90 days;

- Featured Listing (moving banner on the front page);

- Company Logo;

- CV review;

- Aviation Course posting;

- Massages Box, direct contact between recruiter and the applicant;

- Job advertising on the first page on our website in the "Latest Jobs" box;

- Job appearing on top in the jobs list;

- Free advertising on our Facebook page (we have 5000+ likes and still counting); 

- Free advertising in our LinkedIn group (we have more than 350.000 members, between 200 and 500 daily requests);

- Free Social Media Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn;

- Free support and service of your company account;

- No hidden costs;




LinkedIn announcements - We are able to send aviation related announcements to all our LinkedIn group members. 

We administrating the following aviation jobs groups: 

 > Aviation Jobs < 210.000+ members

> Pilot Jobs < 37.000+ members

> Cabin Crew Jobs< 22.000+ members

> Aviation Engineering and Maintenance Jobs< 32.000+ members

> Air Traffic Control (ATC) Jobs< 7.000+ members 

> Aerospace Jobs< 2.500+ members 



We are offering the following company banner advertisements:

  • Featured Employers
  • € 50 / 5 credits
  • Expiration 90 days
  • Size: 50px X 50px
  • Company Logo
  • Leading companies
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  • Top Banner

  • € 150 / 15 credits
  • Expiration 90 days
  • Size: 728px X 90px
  • Company Logo
  • Top of the main page
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  • Bottom Banner

  • € 100 / 10 credits
  • Expiration 90 days
  • Size: 728px X 90px
  • Company Logo
  • Bottom of the main page
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  • Side Banner
  • € 100 / 10 credits
  • Expiration 90 days
  • Size: 330px X 280px
  • Company Logo
  • Right side of the main page
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Payment Options: 

Aviation Job Posting

Our payment options are: PayPal, Mollie (eg: iDEAL, VISA, Mastercard, Sofort etc.), Stripe (credit card) bank transfer and per invoice (postpay).

Payment will be made through our payment providers: PayPal, Mollie and Stripe. All payments are guaranteed safe. PayPal, Mollie BV and Stripe are a Payment Service Provider (PSP). A PSP allows online retailers to offer various online payment methods, such as iDEAL, credit card, MasterCard and PayPal, in their webshop. For example, you can make your online purchases at these webshops easy and within a reliable, safe environment. All PSPs use SSL certificates. This means that you make your online transaction within a secure web environment.

If you have any additional questions or special requests please send us a query using contact form or send an e-mail to: office[at]aviation-job.eu




Aviation-Job.EU - Team

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