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Captain A320

05/01/20 9:31
0 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time
Start Date:
Feb 2020
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family
Job description

A320 Rated Captain with very attractive salary package :

- Salary package will be revealed during the interview.

- Full‐time Package (20‐21 Days On / 10 Days Off per Month – No Annual Vacation).

- Medical Insurance.
- Loss of License & Life Insurance.


Minimum requirements:

  • Valid first-class medical certificate (Licenses verification from issuing authority required).
  • Max. Age limit - 58 years.
  • 5000 hours total time
  • 2000 hours as PIC Jet experience on Air Carrier or Transport Jet experience on aircraft weight more than 27000 kg.
  • 500 hours PIC on Airbus 320 family.
  • No record of flight accident, serious incident or criminal record.

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