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Senior Maintenance Planning Manager

Saudi Arabia, Asia
10/03/21 11:03
6 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time
€4000.00 per month
Start Date:

To be updated by the LM

Technical Planning Management

·         Manages and ensures that the company’s aircraft, engine, components and associated equipment are scheduled for maintenance in a timely and economical manner and in accordance with company’s manufacturer and Aviation Authority’s requirement.

·         Manages the daily routine and non-routine maintenance plans, including but not limited to  AD’s, SB’s, checks and component removed and/or replaced;

·         Monitors the MIP tracking daily monitoring in TRAX  (includes AD’s, SB’s, LLP’s and MPD tasks);

·         Ensures to lock the work  packages (WO) for schedule maintenance plan (Short, Mid and Long Term Plan) with all required arrangement;

·         Ensures that short term maintenance plan / forecast for next 3 months event is prepared.

·         Ensures the Mid-term maintenance plan / forecast for the next 6 months event is prepared.

·         Ensures the Long term maintenance plan / forecast for the next 1 or 2 years (Major check event) is prepared.

·         Ensures the Identification of parts (parts are different from aircraft to aircraft due to the different aircraft type and modification status);

·         Ensures that (RQ) is done through TRAX for maintenance checks (Ordering parts / RQ to be issued min. 6 months in advance to cover 1 whole year maintenance plan).

·         Ensures that task cards / WO created for routine maintenance plans are carried out through TRAX.

·         Ensures that Planning Engineer checks the parts / tools and equipment / man power availability for schedule maintenance plan prior scheduling and execution.

·         Conducts weekly coordination meeting with Planning Engineer, Line Planner, Maintenance and Material Management to discuss next two (2) weeks schedule of maintenance events.

·         Review and schedules the Engineering Orders as required (AD/SB/AOT, etc.)

·         Ensures that all the required material is ordered and available ahead of time before aircraft proceeds to MRO facility within Kingdom or out of KSA for heavy check;

·         Coordinates with the FLYNAS Technical Rrepresentative until the maintenance is accomplished and aircraft return back to the base to commence operations.

To be updated by the LM

Policies and Procedures

·         Ensure Engineering CAMO complies with flynas policies and processes, practices and systems, and maintain flynas high standard of work and work ethic.

·         Lead the process of designing a workable process standards and best practices for the department. And apply improvement when needed.

·         Manage the Department performance and identify areas for improvement.

·         Support continuous improvement activities in department.

To be updated by the LM

Reporting and document Control

·         Monitors the MIP tracking in excel (includes AD’s, SB’s, LLP’s and MPD tasks).

·         Ensures Planning Engineer issues work packages / WO to Line Planner and follow up until accomplishment.

·         Provide clear direction, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow of the Staffing Services Section.

·         Provide coaching and feedback to team members.

·         Plan, manage and review individual performance and provide regular feedback, developing opportunities and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary.

·         Perform any other assignment from the line Manager or his designee.

To be updated by the LM

Budgeting and cost control

  • Manage to forecast the budget as per the function requirements covering the manpower and resources.
  • Actively identify Cost Reduction opportunities and support implementation of approved projects.




Direct Influence

Indirect Influence


·         All flynas employees.

·         N/A



·         GACA/FARs, Policies and & Procedures.

·         Engineering CAMO work flow process and procedures.

·         Compliance to flynas Policy.



Knowledge and Experience

·         7 - 10 years’ of experience Production Planning

and Certifications

·         Bachelor’s Degree in IT or Computer Science courses or Aeronautical Engineering or other Engineering courses/ Master Degree is preferable.

·         Certificates are required.

Job related Skills

·         Familiar with TRAX system would be advance benefit


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